Lucy's Light
M. Lucy Wade Stern

Some say people are curious and like to hear about the authorís life and how they trained. So: being the eighth generation of seers into the occult, I thought it was natural to do card readings, look at palms, set up astrology charts, use crystals, psychometry, or whatever it takes to extend helpful hints, and to expand conscious choices for self and others. My family made it through the Salem witch trials, we did magic shows when I was little, and I appreciate secrecy, and now realize being able to keep everyone's confidences is a most important quality for a reader to have.

I have always been a "sensitive', empathizing with those in pain, idealistically wishing everyone could be good to themselves, and enjoy peace, love, joy and bliss. I go (my first deck of cards at four years old. Art school heightened my encouraged being in the moment. I enjoyed feeling light and when I graduated with a BFA in photography from RISD, I thought creatively, and lived restlessly, many, many different jobs, and lived in many many different places. Working at Mass Eye and Ear, spending many quiet hours as a research technician, I was busy balancing silence with a second job, volunteer activities, and living a very intense socially complicated lifestyle, where I learned to value all kinds of personalities. When I went to theology school in Boston, I learned to put my phone on the answering machine, and think politically, and to question how to God talk, and gained the ordained ministers privileges to marry and bury people.

My Masters in Education with a specialization in guidance and counseling, opened a professional manner of articulation of ideas, and awareness of traditional techniques. My time with Swami Tayumanavar included training in yoga, soul retrievals and deep meditation practices. I've spent 30 years Soft dancing, Zen sitting and celebrating Tibetan Buddhism connections. Associations with different Native American tribes, sweats and intertribal dances and other ritual ceremonies I've been attending since childhood. Participating in interfaith groups, raising consciousness for non-judgementalness, I do not practice one religion, but enjoy celebrating with all. Everyone is ,'my teacher".

Mostly I have learned by doing more than 30,000 readings on clients ranging in age from reading a newbom's palm to a 93 year old's questions, readings for wealthy clients and for the unemployed poor, for healthy happy birthday celebrationís and for those dying of cancer, famous and infamous personalities have all blessed me with opportunities to share. Were all processing together. I feel being a "good' reader or psychic or seer or mystic or whatever label one puts on one, lies in having a deep curiosity, surrendering to lifeís experiences, and having a willingness to continually be open. Then be even more open to the subtle Energy which permeates everything. Then, proceed living in celebration of life, light and love. I am very grateful for this opportunity to share my insights

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